2014 Working Committees - Ocala Florida

2014 Working Committees:

Exploration of Recruiting Business to Downtown

This committee will explore methods of recruiting targeted businesses to Downtown Ocala, and which criteria should be used to target those businesses.

Strategic Planning / Goal Setting / Budgeting

This committee will establish one and three year goals for the DBA that align with the mission of the organization by conducting a strategic planning process that includes becoming familiar with the downtown goals of other organizations in Ocala and the leaders of the City of Ocala. After goals are agreed upon by the DBA Board, a budget supporting these goals will be developed.

Local Government Liaison

This committee is dedicated to interfacing the DBA in a positive way with local government officials. The ultimate goals of the committee include enhancing the DBA’s ability to proactively impact decision making that effects downtown. This committee may also become involved with interfacing with other key stakeholders in the downtown area.

Policies and Procedures

This committee will identify and develop policies and procedures that help the organization to be more accessible, efficient, and transparent. The committee will attempt to address policies and procedures that have the most benefit to the organization and its members first.

Membership / Nominating

This committee is focused on various tasks throughout the year. In the beginning of the year, the membership committee will recommend solutions for enhancing two-way communication with DBA membership, growing DBA membership, and providing identifiable benefits to DBA members. Later in the year, this committee presents a slate of candidates for next year’s DBA Directors and Officers.

Farm Market

This committee will address ongoing operational issues of the Ocala Farm Market. Significant issues expected to be addressed this year include the future location of the market, size of the market, and the mix of market vendors.